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  • Grazyna Kobusiewicz  (for the best caring about Tara and me during work in progress of the project)
  • Tomek (for long hours of work and brain storming together)
  • Kåre Elers (for constructive dialog in creation of this project)
  • Martin Eder (for his generosity)
  • Igor Petkovic (for his technical support and artistic cooperation with a Gas piece)
  • Gunilla Plank and Albin Petkovic (for cutting a huge tree for a Solid piece)
  • Johannes Auer (for gratuitously help and cutting tress for a Solid piece)
  • Sigi (for less green and more red)
  • Mario (for place to develop this project)
  • Ila (for fast solutions)
  • Markus Wilfling (for the ventilator)
  • Ute Amerstorfer (for showing me Helioviewer)
  • NASA (for fantastic images of the sun)
  • Reni Hofmüller (for a place to present and develop this project)
  • Sinisa Kondrat (for HTTP)
  • Gert  (for building the space)
  • Horacio  (for hanging plasma piece)
  • Christian from RealmRaum (for building the fan for the gas piece)
  • Henry  (for optical solution)

The project is supported by