The idea of The motions of bodies. Four states of matter came to me almost two years ago when I start my PhD research Tandem light-body in a choreographic art where I propose to rethink about a body in movement, extending its meaning in a choreographic art to all what is perceptible by the sense. For me a choreographic art should be not only related to dancers but should be understand as an art of movement in general, taking into account that moving object is not necessarily that of a human, rather it could be any object in motion.

In The motions of bodies. Four states of matter I invite to cooperate a Strange Party Orchestra composers from Denmark to create soundscapes for my videos.

Ada Kobusiewicz

Ada Kobusiewicz (Concept/video/installation) (PL/AT)

Kobusiewicz´s art is a kind of sentimental exploration of the various aesthetic and ideological possibilities which encircle her and move her to materialize them. She used to working with site-specific environments, in uncommonly authentic circumstances.

She is captivated by contrasts between light and its absence, common hardware and personal software, the horizontal and the vertical. She is passionate about exploring artistic research and practice. Her works tends to focus on run down surroundings , transitory spaces and the relation between the conscience and unconscience and its individual or collective statement. Her background revolves mainly around space, body and light.

Ada Kobusiewicz was born in Poland. In 2004 she moved to Spain where she studied at the University of Granada, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts and at the Andalusian Institute of Arts. In 2012 she finished MA Degree in Art, Research and Production at the Academy of Arts in Granada (title of thesis: Light in contemporary dance) and in the beginning of 2014 MA Degree in Light Design at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia. From April 2014 she is researcher of PhD programme, Research in Arts at the University of Bilbao in Spain

      Anders Vestergaard & Kåre Elers

      Strange Party Orchestra (Soundscapes)(DK)

      A-rhythmic, disharmony and disintegration of the music. It is the starting point Strange Party Orchestra uses to create new rhythmic and tonal structures in a sometimes frantic, sometimes quietly lingering pace. The beautiful becomes ugly and then appear in a new beautiful form.
      As composers Anders Vestergaard & Kåre Elers use different sounds of places, recorded by themselves all over the world. When composing soundscapes both artist often use completely different sounds from what is actually the sound of what one expect to hear. This open new layers with a space for the audience, to percept their own story of what they experience. In the cooperation with Ada Kobusiewicz (The motions of bodies. Four states of matter) the soundscapes melt into and become a natural part of Kobusiewicz choreogrphic videoinstallation.

      Strange Party Orchestra has more than a hundred of compositions played live in most of Europe, 11 CD releases, soundtracks and compositions for film, TV and theatres, not to mention the STATE OF ART project with artist Kristian Von Hornsleth including soundscape and painting; the corporation with Ukraine art photographer Anna Kazanova including soundscapes and art phography, visited by more than 17.000 people in Europe and PLACEMENT, a soundart installation commissioned by The Museum of Contemporary art in Denmark.

              audiovisual installation

              I will turn the figures of “life” and “matter” around and around, worrying them until they start to seem strange, in something like the way a common word when repeated can become a foreign, nonsense sound. In the space created by this estrangement, a vital materiality can start to take shape.

              Jane Bennett “Vibrant Matter”
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